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We understand which segments and companies are primed for long-term growth.


Thesis-driven investments in complementary companies – laying the foundation for long-term success.


Leveraging our assets and expertise to accelerate the operational success of our investments and acquisitions and return value to shareholders.

Our Team

The RIV Capital team shares a passion for the cannabis industry and the promise it holds for the future.
Our drive, combined with our collective experience and extensive industry knowledge, is what sets us apart.

Headshot of Mark Sims Headshot of Mark Sims

Mark Sims

President and Chief Executive Officer

Headshot of Eddie Lucarelli Headshot of Eddie Lucarelli

Eddie Lucarelli

Chief Financial Officer

Headshot of Matthew Mundy Headshot of Matthew Mundy

Matthew Mundy

Chief Strategy Officer and General Counsel

Hashim Chawdhry Associate Director Corporate Development RIV Capital Hashim Chawdhry Associate Director Corporate Development RIV Capital

Hashim Chawdhry

Associate Director, Corporate Development

Mary Dimou RIV Capital Headshot of Mary Dimou

Mary Dimou

Senior Director, Strategic Operations

Headshot of Alessandra Hechanova Headshot of Alessandra Hechanova

Alessandra Hechanova

Senior Manager, Digital Marketing

Headshot of Alac Kim Headshot of Alac Kim

Alac Kim

Director, Corporate Development

Headshot of Emily Pellecchia Emily Pellecchia

Emily Pellecchia

Senior Director, Finance

Headshot of Emilia Redel Headshot of Emilia Redel

Emilia Redel

Manager, Internal Operations

Headshot of Michelle Tang Headshot of Michelle Tang

Michelle Tang

Associate Director, Finance

John-Webster-RIV-Capital_BW John-Webster-RIV-Capital

John Webster

Director, Legal



Cannabis Entrepreneurship

2020 Cannabis Predictions Scorecard

These predictions could be defined as bold, but we don’t think it’s unrealistic to think that many of these will come true over the next two years.

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