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Uniquely positioned to capitalize on emerging opportunities

RIV Capital's mission is to acquire, invest in, launch, and/or develop U.S. operators and brands across financially and strategically attractive states to create a multistate platform.


After assessing thousands of pitches, we have unparalleled insights into how the industry is developing and have built strong relationships with some of the industry’s foremost leaders.

Strong balance sheet and liquidity RIV Capital cannabis investor investments acquisitions

We believe that successful U.S. operators need to be able to deploy significant capital in as flexible a manner as possible to target the greatest returns. Our recently-strengthened financial position makes us an ideal partner to achieve this objective.

A single, publicly-traded share class with minimal dilution is advantageous for potential partners that are looking for access to growth capital at a reasonable price.


Our existing portfolio may be integrated with future partners to enhance value to investments and acquisitions.


Unlocking the industry’s potential.

We believe that the best is yet to come for cannabis as the U.S. market approaches federal legalization. We see the potential in the market and are set to tap into the long-term value of the U.S. cannabis industry.



Growing a movement through insights.

Learn what it takes to help build this industry for a more prosperous future. Dive into the Deep End to read about how we, as cannabis investors, bring people, capital, and ideas together and aim to unlock the industry's growth potential.





Let's get there together.