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Venture capital with impact.

As a venture capital firm specializing in cannabis, our mission is to invest in innovators across the cannabis value chain. Backed by our expertise, we can bring them together to find benefits in each others’ strengths.


Identifying and investing in exceptional companies that aim to be disruptors within the cannabis sector.


Helping portfolio companies scale, generate revenue, and achieve profitability.

Striving to create value by guiding our portfolio companies towards a monetization event.


Unlocking the industry’s potential.

Smart money understands the long-term potential of the cannabis industry. As cannabis venture capital investors, we seek to unlock that potential by funding a diversified set of complementary companies. We’ve talked to thousands of businesses, and we use this data to make informed investment decisions. We believe our extensive industry knowledge is what sets us apart.



Growing a movement through insights.

Learn what it takes to help build this industry for a more prosperous future. Dive into the Deep End to read about how we, as cannabis investors, bring people, capital, and ideas together and aim to unlock the industry's growth potential.





Let's get there together.